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Hop Hare Crystal Magic Flower Candles

Step into the enchanting realm of Hop Hare Gemstone Flowers Candles. Within dark green jars, discover the allure of wooden-wicked magic that transforms any space. Ignite more than wax; spark the magic within. 

Each candle, a unique design inspired by nature's wonders, narrates a tale with every burn. These candles transcend decor; they're an immersive journey into a world where mystique and nature converge. 

Allure with Hop Hare, offering a chance to embrace enchantment. Unveil the enchantment upon opening the box. A hidden tarot card reveals candles adorned with real gemstones and flowers. 

It's more than a product; it's a gateway to magical Hop Hare experiences

Embark on an enchanted journey with Hop Hare Candles.

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