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Gemstone Faceted
Healing Balls & Stand

Gemstone faceted healing balls and stands are popular items in the world of crystal and gemstone healing. These beautifully crafted objects combine the beauty of polished gemstones with the metaphysical properties attributed to these minerals. 

The stands are designed to hold gemstone healing balls, providing an elegant and stable display for these powerful tools. Placing a gemstone healing ball on a stand showcases its beauty and allows the crystal to be on display, radiating its energy into the environment.

These balls are primarily used for meditation, energy work, and healing practices. They are believed to emit positive and healing energies, making them a valuable tool for those seeking to balance their energy centres (chakras) or enhance overall well-being.

Dimensions: Ball - approximately 5cm; Ball with stand - approximately 10cm

Please Note: These are authentic gemstones, so there may be slight variations in size, colour, shape, and appearance.

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